Happy Christmas to all Market Harborough WI members

Christmas tree decorations-w500-h500The committee would like to wish all members and their families a lovely Christmas and a fantastic 2017.

See you all again at our next meeting on 25 January with some much needed mindfulness!


MHWI needs you – can you help?

Committee meeting in The Roebuck

Committee meeting in The Roebuck

Would you like to join a friendly team to help MHWI achieve its strap line of ‘bigger and bolder’?   Perhaps you like to make things happen or help co-ordinate events, have some good ideas.   Undertaking a role on the Committee is just the way to have a go at this and have fun.  We even meet in a pub!

Then speak to Clare, our President, or one of the Committee members at this month’s meeting.   You can arrange to come along and sit in on a committee meeting to see what we do.  We will have several vacancies this September at the Annual Meeting: President, Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Raffle Coordinator.

Help with WI committee

join our crew-w500-h500Are you interested in joining the Market Harborough WI committee in September?  It is the invaluable contributions and time volunteered by current and former committee members that have helped make this new WI so successful.

If you would like to ‘try us out’ by attending a committee meeting to see what it is all about, maybe with a view to stepping up to the new committee in September, then do speak to any one of the current committee members at the next and forthcoming coming monthly meetings.  You can spot us – we wear the sashes!  Better still, monthly committee meetings are in a local pub with parking right outside.

A couple of the original committee members will be standing down this summer so we urgently need your help now.  You can also Contact us or call 0754 789 0756.

Sweatshop girls!

Your committee met recently to finalise the arrangements for the Chocoholics evening on Wednesday 2 October at 7.30 pm at the Congregational Church, Bowden Lane, Market Harborough – make sure the date’s in your diary, and you can bring a friend, too.  Here’s Hazel working us hard packing up all the prizes:

Sweatshop girls getting ready for the Chocoholics evening

Sweatshop girls getting ready for the Chocoholics evening

A huge success – Wear It

Wear It on Friday evening, 1 March was a huge success for 2 memorable reasons: our first ever fund raising event, bringing in approximately £370 and selling just over 80 tickets, as well as being a really fun evening that worked because so many people pulled together to make it all happen.  The pictures below show how it all happened:

Hazel Stacey, President, who who worked with the committee to plan the evening, as well as being at the Congregational Hall in the afternoon and evening, helping to set out the catwalk, the stalls, making the punch and co-ordinating the refreshments.  Hazel was helped by her neice, Samantha Stacey, who is training in event management.

Sisters Sadie and Wendy from the Daisy Chain Dress Agency in Kettering who supplied the clothes,  helped models choose 8 outfits each and gave encouraging guidance to the WI models.

Paula Harrison from Randall Harrison at Archway House, Lubendham Hill, Market Habrorough, LE16 9SZ who gave her time to create beautiful hair on the models.

Wear It March 13 (27)-w500-h500 Wear It March 13 (31)-w500-h500

Kara and her staff  from the Beauty Manor gave their time to help make the models look more beautfiul than normal.

Wear It March 13 (38)-w500-h500 Wear It March 13 (40)-w500-h500

The  models who made it all happen: Clare Farquhar, Fiona Thompson, Lynda Meadows, Jo Brylka, Jo Grundy,Emma Paige, Sarah Dyson, Yvonne Benson, Chela Grainge and Claire Salisbury.

Stallholders displaying and selling their gifts included Petrina Campbell from Sweet Pea Gifts (079 736 177 58).  She had some enchanting bags and colourful scarves.

Wear It March 13 (37)-w500-h500

Cards and wrapping paper from Carmen Wilson (07817 387 559) of Phoenix Trading.

Wear It March 13 (36)-w500-h500

Joanne Rogers (0791 777 4856) of Forever Living Products.

Wear It March 13 (33)-w500-h500

Some really tempting cupcakes by Vicky Watts of Cupcake Dream (0797 698 7718).

Wear It March 13 (29)-w500-h500

Beautiful fresh flowers arranged in gifts in easy to carry containers by Helen Goddard of Chilli Peppers Florist (0783 547 8979).

Wear It March 13 (34)-w500-h500

Katie from Titchy Stitch had designed and made some really cute clothes and shoes for babies and toddlers (0795 570 5562).

Wear It March 13 (35)-w500-h500

October meeting – our 1st birthday and Annual Meeting

We’ll be celebrating our first brithday on the 24th as well as holding our first Annual Meeting.  Besides looking back on our first, very successful year, recruiting 80+ members and running many enjoyable events, it’s a chance to have a say about what happens in the year ahead.  Your suggestions are always very welcome and the committee will do their best to make things happen.

Talking of the committee, there is the opportunity to step up and have a go.  There’s currently vacancies for a Treasurer, Secretary and Marketing Secretary.

Hope you can make it in this busy half term week.  Don’t forget to bring a plate of nibbles for a Dutch supper.