Monthly news from MHWI

A few items from last week’s monthly meeting:

  • New and existing members can join/rejoin for 2014 – £34.70.  To the Membership Secretary, Patsy, by the January meeting, very latest.
  • Badminton group meetings Mondays, 9 to 10 am, in the sports hall at the MH Leisure Centre.  Do join us or contact us.

December’s meeting – Christmas social

  • Raffle tickets for the Christmas draw – do keep selling these right up to December’s meeting on the 18th.  Return counterfoils and money to Patsy (Committee) at December’s meeting.
  • Please bring a plate of nibbles to share.  If you want to share a bottle of wine with friends, then bring this together with some glasses.  There will be fun and games on the night too – do join us!
  • Lyn Taylor from Harborough Distillery will be attending the December monthly meeting.  She will be letting us taste her produce and it will also be on sale at a reduced price – ideal for last minute Christmas presents.

Other bits and bobs

  • Would you like to volunteer to welcome ‘newbies/be a hostess at future meetings?  it can be unsettling to come into a new group and to have someone welcome new people/introduce them to others in the group, wold make the world of difference.  Please see one of the committee if you are able to help us out with this or Contact Us.
  • Latest County news is available.  Hard copy is on the display table each month.  To share, please as we only have 2 copies.  however, if you do wish to have your own copy, please Valerie (Treasure on the committee) – they cost £3.08 +p&p for the year.
  • Brand new Facebook page – please go and have a look at and add things on to it:

Paying WI annual membership using internet banking

Yes, it’s here at last!  Due to the gradual decline of payments by cheques, we are now able to process membership payments using online internet banking.

If you wish to use this facility, you will need to speak to Patsy Page, our Membership Secretary, or Val Hitchcox or Sarah Trappitt, Treasurers at the next monthly meeting.  They will give you a note of all the bank details.

Just one tip when paying this way – payment reference – please enter your full name here, ie Anne Smith (this is to ensure your payment can be matched to your membership account – otherwise we will end up with a list of payments and not know who made them!!!)

Membership fee for 2014 – £34.70

When can I pay? from October 2013 onwards.  The fee is due by 31 December and must be paid by the end of January 2014 or your name will be taken off the membership list (we don’t want to lose you!).

We will still accept payment by cash and cheques payable to Market Harborough WI.

New members – 15 months for the price of 12!

New members can join from October and get 15 months for the price of 12.  £34.70 will take you through to December 14.  Not bad for an evening out each month, plus the chance to take part in lots of social activities.

Just come along to the next monthly meeting on Wednesday 16 October at 7.30 pm and chat to Patsy, our Membership Secretary – usually to be seen greeting everyone at the desk as they arrive!  Cash or cheque and payment by direct debit is on its way.

You can also Contact Us.