Update on events across the county

Check out these links for the latest news on events around Leicestershire and in the City.  2017 is just around the corner!

County WIs 2016

County WIs 2017

Leicestershire and Rutland Federation 2016

Leicestershire and Rutland Federation 2017


‘How did he do that?’

Douglas Maddy astounded MHWI members with his magic tricks at the annual meeting last night leaving them saying, ‘ How did he do that?’

Whether it was swallowing a balloon, or cutting or joining lengths of rope, we couldn’t work how it was done.  Douglas did explain one trick though when Patsy Tracey helped him with his toilet paper trick.  Apparently it all depends on getting someone to focus on one thing, taking their attention away from what is actually happening elsewhere around them.

While this was taking place, members shared nibbles and drinks with others on their tables.  Well done, Douglas: a fun end to an eventful annual meeting.

Magician, Douglas Maddy swallowing a balloon

Magician, Douglas Maddy swallowing a balloon

Carmen Wilson assists Douglas with his toilet paper trick

Carmen Wilson assists Douglas with his toilet paper trick


Thank you Clare, welcome Vicky

Another memorable annual meeting, celebrating MHWI’s fifth, successful year.  Clare reminded us of everything we achieved since September 2015, Treasurer, Val, bringing us up to date with our financial position.  Clare thanked all Committee members for their support, especially so to Patsy Tracey who has been our Membership Secretary since MHWI was set up.

Clare has been a brilliant President, leading us in her own inimitable way before she reluctantly stepped down last night.  It all became a little eleventh hourish with no one stepping up.  However, we are delighted to welcome Vicky Watts on board as our new President.

Clare Farquhar, outgoing President, receiving flowers from Carmen Wilson, Secretarial Support and Vice President

Clare Farquhar, outgoing President, receiving flowers from Carmen Wilson, Secretarial Support and Vice President

Patsy Tracey, outoing Membership Secretary for the past 5 years, with her thank you flowers

Patsy Tracey, outoing Membership Secretary for the past 5 years, with her thank you flowers

Vicky Watts, incoming President

Vicky Watts (centre), incoming President

Win a Denman voucher this evening

raffle ticket-w500-h500Yes, two lucky members will each be winning a voucher value £200 for WI’s Denman College.  What a marvellous chance to try a course and maybe learn a new skill!

So, instead of the normal raffle, each member will be able to buynjust one raffle ticket this evening.  If you can’t make it but want to be included, then email now: marketharboroughwi@gmail.com.  We’ll put you a ticket into the draw and you can pay us next time you come.

Not too late to book your place on Birmingham trip

Yes, just 15 places left, so reserve your seat now.  Non members welcome, including a child (price is the same):

Christmas Shopping Trip to Birmingham – Saturday 19 November 2016 – £10 for the bus.  On arrival in Birmingham there will be an optional, WI exclusive, morning tour of the Jewellery Quarter museum (£7 to include tea and cake).  Maybe book a matinee in the afternoon or start your Christmas shopping?   Bus will be at the market entrance on Northampton Road, Market Harborough at 8.30 am ready for a 9 am departure.  Coach will leave Birmingham at 6 pm.  Bookings taken from the June meeting onwards.

See you on Wednesday evening

Happy birthday - 5 successful years!

Happy birthday – 5 successful years!

It’s amazing – 5 successful years’ of MHWI completed this month.  We’ve achieved so much: wide range of speakers and activities at monthly meetings, continued to regularly recruit new members of all ages, supported local charities and taken part in town events (such as MH in Bloom and winning best float in the Carnival last year).

We need your help and support to do this and continue to grow, so we look forward to seeing you again on Wednesday evening at the annual meeting.  We are still seeking new committee members to replace those stepping down, not least our President, Clare.  Although several people are stepping up, others are welcome to come forward, not least someone to be new President.  Fancy doing this?  On your own or maybe jointly?  Now’s your chance.  You need to commit for a year, but ideally for two.  Are you up for it?

After the annual meeting business on Wednesday, illusionist Douglas Maddy, will be astounding us with his tricks, leaving us thinking, ‘Now how did he do that?!’

Christmas wineMembers are invited to bring along their favourite tipple (and glasses) and nibbles to share with others at their tables.  Tea and coffee will be on sale (no cakes).

We’re on Radio Leicester!

Check out out Clare Farquhar, our President, and Isabel Aldrich, secretary, with Ben Jackson on his BBC Radio Leicester programme on Thursday 22nd September.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes 

Ben had been swapping jam and offering WI cake all week around Leicestershire.  MHWI rose to the challenge offering a wide variety of goodies made by our lovely members.

The ladies had a wonderful time chatting to Ben throughout the afternoon.  They shared history of the Institute and how MHWI began.  Ben teased Clare about her lack of baking and jam making skills and wanted to know why Isabel had chosen not to share her beloved gooseberry jam!!

There were lots of lovely people from the town to chat to and share cake with.  It was a wonderful experience.