Fun evening with Rosie Metaxa demonstrating Egyptian dancing

Rosie Metaxa entertained us on Wednesday with a demonstration of Egyptian dancing.  She began with a short, fascinating talk on the history and background of Egyptian dancing, supported with the opportunity to see and handle some beautiful examples of handmade costumes.  The bead work was exquisite, as you can see in the pictures below.

Rosie expertly demonstrated an Egyptian dance, then showed us some of the individual movements.  At that point, members had great fun having a go themselves.

If you want to have a go, then Rosie runs a number of classes locally.

January monthly meeting – a couple of things!

Egyptian dancerDo join us for a fun and friendly evening of Egyptian Dancing on Wednesday 23 January 2013.  Rose Metaxa will demonstrate and there’ll be a chance to have a go.  So checkout your wardrobe for that floaty scarf with coins you’ve always wanted to wear and didn’t dare, and bring it along.  You could be the star of the evening!

Membership fees – these are now overdue.  Do remember to bring along your cheque book or some cash.  It’s £33 but where else can you have 11 nights’ out for £3 each?  Not only that, you can meet new friends and try out new things.

There’s an exciting social programme too, so remember to check out the noticeboards when you come along and put your name down.  Again, have some spare cash with you to put down a deposit when booking.

Christmas presents-w500-h500If you have any unwanted gifts that you can donate to our monthly raffle, then pop them in a bag and bring them along and give to any commitee member.

Book groupFinished reading your Christmas books?  Then bring them along and donate them to the book box so someone else can enjoy them, too.  You can browse through the box and for a small donation to MHWI fund raising you can even take away a book of your choice to while away these dark winter evenings.

2013 Programme and Social Activities – out now!

The new 2013 monthly programme is now published.  Hard copies of the folded programme available at the November meeting.

A list of social activities is also planned.

There’s also lots of suggestions under Hobbies, interests and sporting activities.